Bringing International BioPharma Knowledge to Barcelona

At the Biotechnology Business Institute, we support and promote internationalization strategies for entrepreneurship and innovation development. At the Institute, we are commitment with the academic training of qualified global professionals, prepared for international positions adapted to the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industry.

Our students share classes with young scientists and international speakers from all over the world, creating a dynamic, multicultural and open-minded formative atmosphere. The Biotechnology Business Institute opens the way for internships in some of the leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the sector.

In that sense, our students work within international teams of professionals that not only teach them but also introduce them into their network of global professionals. Different type of activities within the city of Barcelona will make the year both, a high educational year and a great international experience.


Barcelona, the fourth best city to work worldwide


According to the last report published by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Barcelona is the fourth best city to work worldwide. The study shows the largest surveys ever of labor trends and work preferences—366,000 people in 197 countries. The data proves a clear desire of young professionals to work abroad, and Spain, in particular the city of Barcelona, is at the head of the ranking, positioned in the top 10 places worldwide in which international professionals are willing to take a job. 

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International presence in Life Sciences sector