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Healthcare concerns to all of us, highlighting oncology among all the illness as it is the main cause of death in developed countries. Due to the huge advancements in immune-oncology we are approaching to what all of us need, personalised cancer therapies. Eximious’ global leaders of immune-oncology will give the sector the expertise needed to drive those promising drugs to the market.

Our life science management team is formed by professionals with a deep track record in the healthcare areas. Experience on entrepreneurial, investment on life sciences, discovery of novel treatments or raising capital for various early-stage biotechnology companies are just some of the skills proven among the team.

Our headquarters are in The Shard in London, with an operational structure in Barcelona, Miami and Boston. This access to the main capital markets and source on innovation in Europe and the US.



Cancer strikes individually without discrimination to more than 14 million new cancer cases per year, and so requires a global solution. The field of immune-oncology involves the development of therapies that can harness the body’s own immune system to target cancer cells, avoiding side-effects as seen with approaches like chemotherapy or surgery. Immuno-oncology agents’ tactics are replacing current standard of care treatments, providing therapies with a better safety and efficacy profile in cancer patients under high necessity and delaying or preventing recurrence in patients with early disease. Immuno-oncology is right in the midst of an exciting era in cancer medicine, offering hope to patients with relatively rare cancers and cancers subtypes.

We approach and connect with projects from several perspectives, by providing a global but also specialized analysis for each case. Our team is composed of professionals possessing strong scientific, operational, communicative, economical and finance expertise.

Our backgrounds provide us with a powerful and strong vision to detect opportunities and help in shaping strong scientific companies. With the mission of deliver success to biotech based companies and launching new drugs to the market our team has the vision of support human healthcare due to new treatments that improve people's life.


The Shard

32 London Bridge Street

London SE1 95G

(+44) (0) 203 457 1012



Parc Científic de Barcelona

C/ Baldiri Reixac, 4-8

08028 Barcelona

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CIC Miami

1951 NW 7th Avenue, Suite 600

Miami FL 33136

+1 (617) 816-2827