Supporting International Expansión and Knowledge

Our purpose is follow up and improve the executive abilities of our students and business professionals. Understanding the global transactions in drug discovery processes and support international ecosystems to develop their career path and succeed in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector.

Next attending Conferences in 2018

Biomed 2018 Tel Aviv, Israel

BioInternational Convention Boston, United States

Anglonordic LifeScience Conferece London, United Kingdom

AZ Exchange Cambridge, United Kingdom

LSX Connect Summer, London, United Kingdom

LSX Nordic Congres, Stockholm, Sweeden

BioSpain 2018 Seville, Spain

TTS Global Inititave Latin America, Santiago de Chile, Chile

TTS Global Inititave Europe, Tenerife, Spain

BioEurope, Copenhagen, Dennmark

Enable Copenhagen, Dennmark

BioFit Lilly, France

Next attending Conferences in 2019

JP Morgan Healthcare Conference San Franscisco, US

Bioequity, Barcelona, Spain