An Educational Model Based in Real Drug Candidates

The Discover and Transfer strategic agreement is one of our new incorporation into the educational programs. In fact, it is something never seen before. Throughout these masters the students will be working with current investigations of prestigious research institutes of Barcelona, following up their discoveries and working with their patents by the elaboration of consulting plans in drug discovery. The developments are mentor by our board of professors and they will be working in scientific and regulatory development, preclinical and clinical forecasting, investment and licensing.

It represents a new way of strategic collaboration between a business school and research centers with postgraduate students from the science to the technology transfer. At the BBI we want to be at the vanguard of the innovation as much as in business education as in biomedical research. That is why, the Discover and Transfer program promotes scientific and business profiles high qualified and supports technology transfers processes in new drug discoveries.     




Discover & Transfer Press Release

"Our educational model, based in innovation, make our students to be at the vanguard of the sector and apply their knowledge to real projects."

Javier Vieites - Regional Sales Manager Immuno- Oncology at Roche Spain & BBI Board of Directors

"The greatest thing is that all the Alumni are now part of the Biotech and Pharma sector, each of us growing in our own way and still doing science."

Beatriz Volckaert - Business Development at BioSeed Capital & BBI Alumni