Growing Scientific and Business International Leaders

Biomedical science is the fastest-growing area of the experimental sciences and has witnessed revolutionary changes in recent years, with an increasing focus on the translation of basic knowledge into specific applications for the improvement of public health.

The bachelor's degree in Biomedical Sciences enables students to acquire an in-depth understanding of the structure and function of the human body, focusing particularly on the determinants of health and disease. In this sense, the function of the Biotechnology Business Institute is to show the students the possibilities beyond investigation to develop their career.

As one of the main pillars of the Institute, the BBI will give to our students during the year knowledge applied to global unmeet needs across different therapeutic arears and applied research in favor of the entrepreneurship and innovation just from the beginning of their scientific careers.

"The masters and postgraduate courses give the students applied knowledge about the Biotechnology sector beyond the laboratory, opening a new wide range of professional development and career opportunities. One of the key aspects of the programs are the internships in a wide range of companies, during which the students get involved in different management aspects, increasing their experience. "

Esther Riambau - Life Science Director at UPF Ventures

"The Institute has a strong international attitude. That is why we encourage our students to take part in events related with the sector in order to build up their network from the very start of their careers. "

Pablo Viguera - Medical Lead Diabetes AstraZeneca Spain & BBI Board of Directors