Growing professional and personal skills

During our programs we work with personal leadership values ​​and team management skills to promote on them their professional and management skills students by student.

We work the positive aspects of the individual to reinforce them and we find the areas of improvement of work to be formed as a professional.

During our mentoring we work with our students their orientation and their professional objective from the perspective of the individual needs and we reinforce it with the main professional tools with the objective to understand the working environment.

Our students are incorporated during the course in internships training programs in different departments of biotechnology-based companies and pharmaceutical industry where they are able to apply their knowledge in teams working for the development of new innovative medicines.

The Leadership Weekend is designed to reinforce and develop leadership skills and the personal positioning our students. The objective of this outdoor weekend is putting into practice the abilities of communication, negotiation and team leadership through playful and educational activities as well as encourage the self-assessment of them and design an Improvement Action Plan.

During the weekend, the students will work exercises and group dynamics that will make them understand and apply business skills. They will be demanded to connect with their own talents, emphasize and resolve different tasks in groups according to the discoveries about their own competences.

The main purpose of the Leadership Weekend is to obtain, through the individual experience and group work, a personal analysis that could help to guide the professional development of our students.

Leadership Weekend 2017


Leadership Weekend 2018

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