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23-24 years old


10 Months. Full Time


October 2021




None to 2 years


95% of the students within the year


> 15 Nationalities


7.900 €

Progress trough International management positions

The scientific MBA’s programs are design for professionals and students who want to acquire a practical healthcare knowledge for their career based on real drug candidates and to expand their international network of the pharmaceutical industry and the biotechnology sector positions.


Team management and worldwide leadership development

Navigate through all the different departments of the pharmaceutical industry and understand the complex network involved in project management risk management for new global developments.


Programme Syllabus

  • add_circle_outline1st Semester Module I - Management in Biotechnology


    • • Early-stage innovation & Technology Transfer. During this first course you will acquire the bases of innovation and technology transfer processes, as well as understanding the type of licensing agreements and the strategic approach.

    • • Venture Capital and Biotechnology Based Companies. This part of the course will give you and global overview of the financial markets and more specifically the biotech market. The aim is to acquire a solid financial base in private funding.

    • • Market Access and Pricing. This introductory module will give you a deep overview on the main analysis and value dossiers, between the private industry and the national healthcare systems and the strategic design for accessing new drugs.

    • • Intellectual Property & Licensing Agreements. The focus of this part of the module is learning about how a global perceptive in management and team leadership is necessary in global companies to achieve goals due portfolio management and new compounds.

  • add_circle_outline1st Semester Module II - Scientific & Regulatory Development


    • • Target Product Profile (TPP)

    • • Regulatory Affairs for FDA/EMA Approval

    • • Regulatory preclinical developments for new entities

    • • Regulatory clinical developments for new entities

  • add_circle_outline1st Semester Module III - Global Pharmaceutical Industry


    • • Market Intelligence & Portfolio Management

    • • Global Brand Plans

    • • Patient Journey & Market Disease

    • • Agreements & Contracts in the industry

  • add_circle_outline2nd Semester Module IV - Projects in Life Sciences


    • • Global Portfolio Management

    • • Project Life Cycle and Portfolios

    • • Project Management

    • • Forecasting and Financial Plan

  • add_circle_outline2nd Semester Module V - Operational Model for Drug Discovery


    • • Profit and Loss in new Products

    • • Financial Models - Risk Assessment

    • • Market Strategies Definition

    • • Government Affairs & National Healthcare Systems

  • add_circle_outline2nd Semester Module VI - Operational Teams I


    • • Brand Team Management

    • • Global Supply Chain - Strategic Alliances

    • • GMPs – Production & Distribution

    • • International business development

  • add_circle_outline2nd Semester Module VII - Operational Teams II


    • • Global Commercial Training

    • • Medical Marketing and MSL

    • • Heath Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR)

    • • Marketing and Sales representative

  • add_circle_outlineModule VIII - MBA Thesis Project


    • • Global Drug Development Plan. During the MBA year our students have the unique opportunity to work under a non-disclosure agreement with real IP drug candidates from our technology transfers partners acquiring a deep knowledge of the key management areas in a drug development from an early-stage drug candidate until is the treatment is approved and delivered to the patient.

    • • Areas of development: The Global MBA thesis is design, on one hand, to develop interpersonal and team leadership skills while developing the plan working groups with candidates from other itineraries, and on the other hand, to increase the international strategic thinking and the decision-making process with our educational partners for a final proposal in a real drug discovery business plan.

  • add_circle_outlineModule IX - Career Impact Program


    • • This module is design for our students to achieve their professional goals developing professional and personal tools to position themselves as candidates for management positions in the industry, and also, to understand how to approach a global portfolio of job application opportunities and recruitment processes.

    • • Areas of development: The main areas of focus during the MBA career impact programme are the professional positioning and enhancement of our students, the international network development and the improvement of key business and soft personal skills.

Learn about the global new drug launches landscape

Our master programs are design for young scientific profiles, MSc and PhD, that like science but want to develop their career out the laboratory, in management positions, in biotechnology based companies, pharmaceutical industry or government institutions such as technology transfer offices.



Here are some of the most frequent questions from our candidates

  • question_answer3. The BBI Experience     What is a typical day for a BBI student like?

    Every day is different throughout the year. During the first stage, when students take their common modules, apart from the evening classes from Monday to Thursday, the students also develop their career impact programmes. These programmes have their project meetings at various research centres and participate in extra-curriculum activities.

    For the final semester in Barcelona, each student develops their own academic internship programme depending on their chosen career itinerary chosen. All programmes have the same number of assignments and group work to complete. Typically, the second semester is focused increasing the time spent on students’ career-related activities.

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