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4 Months


February 2022




25 years old


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Biotechnology Sector


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Postgraduate Program in Venture Capital Objectives

The postgraduate program is designed to understand innovation from the scientific and the investment perspective to develop skills for the analysis of new potential compounds and biotechnology-based company management.

Professional Development

The main roles and companies related with these areas of knowledge’s are those such as, Business Development Investment Analysis, Venture Funds, Capital Increase, Portfolio Management, Merge & Acquisitions, among other corporate positions at biotechnology-based companies or the pharmaceutical industry

Programme Syllabus

  • add_circle_outlineModule I - Biotechnology Based Companies


    • • Lesson 1. Financial Markets

    • • Lesson 2. Financial Management

    • • Lesson 3. Financial Ratios and Analysis

    • • Lesson 4. Project Management

  • add_circle_outlineModule II - Capital Increase


    • • Lesson 5. Public and Private Funding

    • • Lesson 6. Early Market Access and Pricing

    • • Lesson 7. Financial models

    • • Lesson 8. Venture Valuations

  • add_circle_outlineModule III - Agreements and Negotiations


    • • Lesson 1. Deal Structure and Milestones

    • • Lesson 2. Initial Public Offers IPO’s

    • • Lesson 3. M&A vs Late-Stage Licensing

    • • Lesson 4. Strategic alliances

  • add_circle_outlineModule IV - Return of investment Strategy (sROI)


    • • Lesson 5. Private and Public Companies

    • • Lesson 6. Scouting Strategy

    • • Lesson 7. Shareholders Agreement

    • • Lesson 8. Exist Strategy and ROI

  • add_circle_outlineModule V - Postgraduate Final Project


Areas of Knowledge

This program is focus towards the essential corporate statements and the particularities of biotechnology-based companies as investments, and methods for venture valuation of early and late stage compounds



Here are some of the most frequent questions from our candidates

  • question_answer3. The BBI Experience     What is a typical day for a BBI student like?

    Every day is different throughout the year. During the first stage, when students take their common modules, apart from the evening classes from Monday to Thursday, the students also develop their career impact programmes. These programmes have their project meetings at various research centres and participate in extra-curriculum activities.

    For the final semester in Barcelona, each student develops their own academic internship programme depending on their chosen career itinerary chosen. All programmes have the same number of assignments and group work to complete. Typically, the second semester is focused increasing the time spent on students’ career-related activities.

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