Scientific Masters in Business Administration (Sc.MBA)



Our Masters programs of one-year duration are design for scientific profiles that want to develop their career in applied research and continue their professional development in the pharmaceutical industry and the biotechnology sector in drug discovery.

During the program the students will experience the development of their business skills under the framework of the strategic agreement with three of the main technology transfers offices in Barcelona, Discover and Transfer.


The academic programmes include a common part where all of our students acquire knowledge in technology transfer, scientific and regulatory development and the corporate international status of our sector, both in ealry stage innovation and late stage drug candidates. They will have a global overview about the interactions between the different stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem and the value chain during the drug discovery process from the laboratory to the patient.

The different specializations are design to acquire a deep understanding at key strategic areas and professional development in the sector that are directly related with the main strategic decision points during the process such as company valuation, market access or regulatory affairs.


Our master programs are design for young scientific profiles, MSc and PhD, that like science but want to develop their career out the laboratory,  in management positions, in biotechnology based companies, pharmaceutical industry or government institutions such as technology transfer offices. 

For those bio profiles that have been doing a degree and research in lifesciences and now want to apply their knowledge in the drug discovery and healthcare sector, we have diferrent specializations due to the diferent national and international profesional developments paths.