Five years leading Pharma & Biotech Education

"The master programs offer to the students the opportunity to access to Biotech-based companies and the Pharmaceutical industry acting supporting the practical aspects of their academic knowledge. It also provides a global overview of drug development since early-stage until it reaches the market and the patients, promoting team building work. "

Toni Serra - Global Brand Manager

"The master's programs cover a growing unsatisfied necessity for scientific profiles that want to orient the professional career towards management, business and investment in applied research."

Mireia Angulo - Investment Analyst at Caixa Capital Risk

"The masters and postgraduate courses give the students applied knowledge about the Biotechnology sector beyond the laboratory, opening a new wide range of professional development and career opportunities. One of the key aspects of the programs are the internships in a wide range of companies, during which the students get involved in different management aspects, increasing their experience. "

Esther Riambau - Life Science Director at UPF Ventures

"This type of masters are necessary, given the growing demand by the industry for young professionals with knowledge of the sector. The students achieve a complementary education in business applied to Life Sciences very useful for their profesional career."

Alex Casta - CEO at UPF Ventures

"The Institute has a strong international attitude. That is why we encourage our students to take part in events related with the sector in order to build up their network from the very start of their careers. "

Pablo Viguera - Medical Lead Diabetes AstraZeneca Spain & BBI Board of Directors

"The master in Project Management gathers what I was demanding for my professional life: innovation, business and health. I was excited to learn how to manage innovation to get a benefit from the business perspective as well. Always with the main value of those of us who have studied Science, trying to make this world a better place. "

Luis Temboury - Diagnostics Sales Representative at Johnson & Johnson & BBI Alumni

"Our educational model, based in innovation, make our students to be at the vanguard of the sector and apply their knowledge to real projects."

Javier Vieites - Regional Sales Manager Immuno- Oncology at Roche Spain & BBI Board of Directors

"The greatest thing is that all the Alumni are now part of the Biotech and Pharma sector, each of us growing in our own way and still doing science."

Beatriz Volckaert - Business Development at BioSeed Capital & BBI Alumni

"We motivate entrepreneurship and innovation in Life Sciences. The students will not only acquire theoretical knowledge throughout the course, but also become an active part of the sector from the first day."

William Hariri - Director Business Development and Strategy at Alira Health

"The master course in Project Management, focused on drug discovery and tech transfer helped me to reorientate my professional trajectory to start-up investment analysis in the entrepreneurial sector."

Mar Eroles - Investment Analyst at INDACO Venture Partners & BBI Alumni