International Education in Pharma and Biotech

The Biotechnology Business Institute was founded in 2013 not just as a business school but as an active stakeholder for the international Pharma & Biotech sector in life sciences and drug discovery. As a consequence, our students receive not just the best international training programs available but are also enable to become from the first day professionals and members of the biotech and pharma community.

Our programs are in the framework of the ‘discover and transfer’ initiative where in collaboration with two of the main technology transfer offices in Barcelona, Spain, our students work on real patents for the development of new drug candidates. 

Our mission is to grow young professional profiles into future leaders for being part of the best institutions, companies and national healthcare systems. Innovation, biotechnology, technology transfer, pharmaceutical industry, life sciences, healthcare, all serve to improve people’s life, and that is our vision.


A Note for our students